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Breaking Down Barriers to Employment

We designed our system to help organizations that give their hearts and souls to assist those with barriers to employment become well prepared, gainfully employed and self sufficient.

Since soft skills and mindsets make up 75% of what is needed for long-term success, PAIRIN works across the breadth of the entire workforce development pipeline to measure, map and develop the essential skills of success. PAIRIN’s expertise in workforce development combined with its depth of data means that we have the tools and resources to not only help you be more effective, but also prove your impact to potential funders.

At PAIRIN, we know that resumes, education and work experience don’t accurately reflect an individual’s potential, and some people may be held back by their past experiences, preventing them from being able to attain a meaningful career. We reliably match people to optimal job profiles and training programs, identify their skill gaps, and provide you with the tools and resources to help them develop. Together with workforce development programs, PAIRIN is breaking down barriers to employment and de-risking individuals that may have previously been deemed “at-risk” hires.

Client Case Study

A 6-week workforce development program that equips participants to identify a career path, improve their financial situation and move into self-sufficiency.

Their Objective

To identify mindset and behavioral-based barriers to development, help students recognize their strengths, empower teachers, coaches and counselors to be more effective in developing social emotional skills, and prove program impact through measuring longitudinal SEL growth.

How We Partnered

The PAIRIN Survey was taken at the beginning of the program to identify individual needs and trends across the entire cohort, then PAIRIN’s curriculum and coaching resources were implemented. Six months later, survey results proved their program’s effectiveness and increased their funding.

Meet Miriam, the "No-Risk" Hire

The initial survey of the cohort showed that many of the program participants had a significant gap to the Imperatives Target. Program leaders elected to implement lessons from PAIRIN’s soft skills curriculum. In response to this intervention, students developed a robust personal foundation. For example, Miriam’s initial match to the Imperatives was 47%, but grew to 91% by the end of the program. As is often the case, once individuals receive assistance to bridge the imperatives gap, a domino effect occurs in many other college and career readiness attributes. Miriam’s overall Career Readiness score grew from 62% to 100%. She is gainfully employed in a career and well on her way to self-sufficiency.

Workforce development programs love PAIRIN because we:

Identify soft skills gaps in 10 minutes

Personalize curriculum in-person or online

Prove program impact to raise more support

Provide individualized coaching tips

Key Targets to Support Workforce Development Programs

  • Career Launch Target: Measures individuals on the common skills needed to take the first step in a career or job. This target measures the specific behaviors (soft skills) and mindsets that are important for 82% of all jobs in the U.S. workforce.
  • Imperatives Target: The development of imperatives is foundational for individuals to develop other skills. Once developed, this reduces behavioral issues and opens up the ability to learn higher-level skills.

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