For Post Secondary

Explore careers and jobs without hours of testing.

Quickly identify skill gaps for personalized learning and resource allocation.

Increase student retention and completion by early identification of potential drop outs.

Career Readiness for Today’s Students

When only 11% of employers think new graduates are well prepared for work, and with the average college graduation rates falling to nearly 50%, colleges and universities are facing two of the biggest challenges of our time – student retention and career readiness. Without the right tools to measure the skills that make students successful in college and in life, our students and our future workforce are at risk.

Luckily, PAIRIN provides a reliable solution for colleges and universities to measure and develop the soft skills that are 75% of the reason people succeed in college, careers and life. The PAIRIN Readiness Management System™ helps students understand their strengths, maps their interests to potential career pathways, identifies skills gaps and provides on-demand curriculum to bridge those gaps.

By working with students and career seekers as well as the businesses doing the hiring, PAIRIN’s expertise in workforce development, combined with its depth of knowledge, makes its solution the most expansive and impactful in existence.

Proven Metrics That Colleges LOVE

As soon as a student completes the 10-15 minute PAIRIN Survey, their results are instantly available, allowing for quick resourcing when additional support is needed. PAIRIN’s “Targets” help students evaluate their skills and identify areas of potential growth to meet their career goals. These include:

  • PAIRIN Library Targets include our well-researched Career Launch Target as well as 10 other subsets such as customer service, accountability, collaboration and leadership.
  • National Sources Targets are based on the U.S. Department of Labor’s jobs database and include 1,000+ common job roles.
  • Job Description-based Targets allow students to copy in an exact role description for a job they are interested in to identify the key attributes for that job.

Curriculum Overview

Personalized insights regarding each student’s soft skills strengths and potential areas for development allows educators to put their resources where they are most needed.

PAIRIN offers two options for post secondary institutions to integrate our soft skills curriculum, or they can be blended.

  • In-Person Standalone Curriculum: Skill lessons are taught to groups live and in-person by an individual who is trained by PAIRIN. 
  • Online Curriculum: Lessons are delivered in an online, personalized learning format where each student completes lessons tailored to their specific developmental needs at their own pace.

Rooted in Science

The PAIRIN Survey was built upon 60 years of research and 17 years of job performance measurement by the founders. The curriculum and integration methodology were developed by Dr. Tara Laughlin’s research and her experiences as an Ed.D. and educator for 10+ years.

Career Readiness for Future Success

Pricing: We provide colleges and universities with custom pricing based on the number of students you serve and your school’s specific needs and goals.