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When only 11% of employers think new graduates are well prepared for work, our country has a skills gap that improving math and reading scores will not alone solve.

The problem is that employers and educators haven’t had a reliable solution for measuring and developing the soft skills and mindsets that make up 75% of the reason people get promoted, quit or get fired.

Until now.

By dynamically matching people to proven job and training program profiles to identify their skill gaps, then providing tools and resources to help them develop to their full potential, PAIRIN is making soft skills development attainable for every individual.

While other companies focus on one segment of the talent pipeline, PAIRIN’s unique approach spans the breadth of workforce development – from students and career seekers to the businesses doing the hiring – making this vast depth of knowledge useful for every industry.

Find out how PAIRIN can help your organization measure, map and develop soft skills along each phase of you talent pipeline: