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The Ultimate Development Tool

PAIRIN Pro is an all-inclusive tool that is making education more relevant and hiring more equitable by dynamically matching people to optimal job profiles and training programs, identifying individual skill gaps and providing tools and resources to help with developing skills to ensure each person reaches their full potential.

Using proven science to provide organizations with all the tools to assess soft skills, hire and place the right people in the right job roles, identify areas for development and track growth over time, PAIRIN Pro is the most comprehensive and accurate workforce development tool in existence.

Identify skill gaps in 10 minutes

Prove your impact

Focused professional development

College and Career Readiness

PAIRIN provides a solution for education institutions and workforce development programs to measure and develop the soft skills that are 75% of the reason people succeed in life. By helping individuals understand their strengths, identifying skills gaps, and providing curriculum to bridge those gaps, PAIRIN Pro is breaking down barriers to employment.

professional development for career readiness


PAIRIN Pro prioritizes applicants based on how close their soft skills are to your top performers and to the skills needed for specific job roles and organization culture, so you can quickly and easily see the best applicant matches. You will also gain access to focused behavioral interview questions based on each individual to give hiring managers the tools they need to be interviewing masters by concentrating their time on the areas of most importance for each applicant.

Professional Development

View individual coaching tips based on each person’s skill gaps to help develop a customized professional development plan. And, with PAIRIN Pro, you will gain access to tailored coaching support tools and the ability to track your employees’ growth over time. You can also take advantage of additional program features such as downloadable reports and more options for comparing and viewing employees.  

Individual And Corporate Coaching

PAIRIN Pro enables coaches to impact individual and group clients more deeply and efficiently. The PAIRIN Survey quickly identifies soft skills gaps as well as each individual’s willingness to develop in each quality, allowing you to establish instant rapport and chart pathways for growth from the very first session.

Through unlimited graphical and engaging reports, you can sit with coachees to discuss specific areas of growth and show encouraging growth over time. PAIRIN Pro’s built-in coaching tips and insights also support coaches in interpreting data and communicating clearly and effectively with each individual coachee.

PAIRIN Pro Features

Quickly identify soft skills strengths and gaps

Unlimited printable reports

Compare individuals against an existing organization culture, group, program or department

Access in-depth coaching tips, insights and behavioral interview questions

Utilize targets to set goals and track progress over time to show growth and prove your impact

Deploy individualized, focused professional development

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