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Hire Faster and Smarter

PAIRIN Lite is the premier hiring and selection tool that allows companies to quickly and easily identify the applicants that are most like current top performers. Whether you work at a franchise, small business or larger organization, PAIRIN keeps the hiring process focused on the individuals that are most likely to succeed in a specific job role and corporate culture. In doing so, PAIRIN makes hiring more predictable and removing unconscious bias from the entire hiring process. Through identifying the soft skills and mindsets that are most critical to success in a given role, PAIRIN prioritizes candidates, allowing hiring managers to easily see the candidates that are the best fit for any program, job role or corporate culture.

In doing so, PAIRIN is helping companies decrease applicant evaluation time by up to 86% and increase employee retention by up to 67%. With the cost of a bad hire upwards of 5x the salary of the employee, these hiring time and employee retention savings also materialize as significant dollar savings for any organization.

How does PAIRIN Lite support the hiring process?

Identify which applicants are most like your top performers with one click

Prioritize applicants in one place with a simple ranking

Get proven behavioral interview questions for managers to be able to conduct the most productive interviews

Quick Set Up - User Friendly Interface

PAIRIN Lite is a SaaS-based solution, so you can get signed up and start hiring faster and smarter in minutes on any device including mobile, tablet or desktop. You can grant access control to the appropriate team members, send out survey requests and create your own corporate culture and job-specific targets with just a click.

PAIRIN Lite streamlines the hiring process by organizing applicants in a single cloud-based location with resumes, contact information and ranking scores displayed for quick and easy access. Pulling from over 1200 behavioral interview questions, a custom-generated interview guideautomatically displays the most relevant questions related to the job or program based on an individual’s results. All behavioral interview questionsare pre-vetted for legality and effectiveness.

Focused Professional Development

Skill gaps are also identified and can be used to chart and measure professional development plans for employees to increase productivity and employee retention. Plus, hiring managers and HR teams can access over 275K words of coaching tips and insights for focused conversations and professional development planning. The power of PAIRIN Lite is amplified when paired with PAIRIN’s personalized soft skills curriculum which features 300 on-line micro-lessons.
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