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PAIRIN Hiring is the premier hiring and selection tool that allows companies to quickly and easily identify the applicants that are most like current top performers. Whether you work at a franchise, small business or larger organization, PAIRIN keeps the hiring process focused on the individuals that are the best fit for your program, job role or company culture. Through identifying the soft skills and mindsets that are most critical to success in a given role, PAIRIN makes hiring more predictable and removes unconscious bias from the entire hiring process.


applicant evaluation time by up to 86%


professional development


employee retention by up to 67%


shorter, more insightful interviews

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PAIRIN Hiring is a SaaS-based solution, so you can get signed up and start hiring faster and smarter on any device including mobile, tablet or desktop. You can grant access control to the appropriate team members, send out survey requests and create your own corporate culture and job-specific targets with just a click.

PAIRIN Hiring streamlines the hiring process by organizing applicants in a single cloud-based location with resumes, contact information and ranking scores, and offers API access for integration into existing Applicant Tracking Systems (including bi-directional data transfer for single sign on). Pulling from over 1200 behavioral interview questions (pre-vetted for legality and effectiveness), a custom-generated interview guide automatically displays the most relevant questions related to the job or program based on an individual’s results. 

How does PAIRIN Hiring support the hiring process?

Model your top performers

Instantly prioritize applicants

Become a behavioral interview master

Proven results for small and medium sized businesses, franchises and larger organizations

Since we can’t use degrees or job-specific training for screening applicants, we use PAIRIN to reliably identify cultural fit and potential for high performance.

Jodi Messa
True Value Franchisee

With PAIRIN, we can actually know an applicant’s behaviors before we hire them and understand exactly where they need development to perform at their best.

Lauren Elmore
President, Firmatek
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