The Process

Measure + Map + Develop

PAIRIN makes behavioral science friendly and usable.


The PAIRIN Readiness Management SystemTM not only provides a baseline measurement of an individual’s soft skills, but also provides a roadmap and targeted development tools to help on the journey to success. Unlike hard skills or personality tests, everything PAIRIN measures is coachable and changeable.

7 minute completion average

>100 behavioral attributes

On any device

5 languages



The attributes and mindsets PAIRIN measures include essential skills like initiative, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, productivity, grit and interpersonal skills. The graphically friendly way the results are delivered encourages individuals to identify areas for growth and take actionable steps to move them toward their personal and professional objectives. The PAIRIN system maps each individual’s goals for career or educational programs to performance “targets."


PAIRIN measures changeable soft skills and mindsets, and provides a variety of tools to support their development.

275,000 words of Tips and Insights

54 Modules and 300 Micro-Lessons

Online Professional Coach Training Courses

Developing Soft Skills for Success in Career and Life

Rooted in Science

Drawing from the most validated and well-accepted research in soft skills application, PAIRIN has taken advanced science and transformed it to an online format. PAIRIN was built upon 60 years of research, 17 years of job performance measurement by the founders, and co-designed with partners from public education, industry, foundations and government to measure the most critical indicators of long-term success in life and career.