My Journey™


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Isn’t it time you made “those systems” the My Journey™ platform?

Now more than ever, we need to simplify and personalize the process of connecting to the applications, assessments, tools, websites, forms and services that help those you serve with their career and education journey.

“My Journey allows us to connect clients to the workforce services most relevant to their needs. It brings access to resources from across workforce agencies into one place and streamlines the referral process.”

George Taratsas
Director of WIOA Administration and Compliance and Lead Staff of the Virginia Board of Workforce Development
Explore how this tool can help those you serve during COVID-19 and other critical life decision points

Personalized Career, Education and Life Services

Whether you are a school district, university, workforce program, state or local government you need a flexible platform that integrates your career, education and support services. My Journey accomplishes this at a content and data level, personalized for each individual based on their needs, desires and stage of life.

Beside your "Alongsiders"

With My Journey, individuals can share their journey with the professionals, parents, counselors, advisors and case managers who are a support along their journey. They can collaborate on progress and decisions to ensure their goals set and steps taken are optimal to achieve their dreams.

Quickly Deploy and Respond to Changing Conditions

Think of My Journey as the wise coach or mentor that helps you set goals and take the steps to accomplish them. We capture the knowledge of your professionals about what assessments to use when, what forms to fill out and what websites to visit in a user experience that can first be deployed by simply configuring the system’s content. Many tools are natively integrated, such as employability skills assessments, resume builder, career pathways and more. This combination makes it very fast to implement and allows for data integrations over time. 

Now you can personalize the help you provide students searching for first jobs, veterans returning to civilian work and individuals impacted by a recession or emergency like COVID-19, all with the same system. Our Outcomes, Goals and Steps framework can help direct individuals to explore everything from education and careers to unemployment services to mindfulness and wellness activities.

Professionals can access the easy-to-navigate dashboards and reports to track individual progress and overall program impact. Since My Journey can track user engagement with any services or resource, you can now have a single reporting structure for usage and effectiveness - even across agencies and departments.

Reduces redundancy and support burden

Allows for rapid changes

Scalable, flexible, easy to use

Why Do People Love My Journey?

Makes sense of navigating all your tools and resources – natively integrated or not

Personalized career and education recommendations for adults and students

Secure data sharing with parents, counselors and case managers 

Responds quickly to challenging times like the COVID-19 crisis

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