For High School

Developed for Teachers by Teachers

PAIRIN’s curriculum was developed by Dr. Tara Laughlin and built upon her dissertation research for integrating SEL into everyday curriculum, 10+ years of teaching, and in partnership with PAIRIN’s coaches and psychologists.

Rooted in Science

The PAIRIN Survey was built upon 60 years of research and 17 years of job performance measurement by the founders.

Enhanced Training Options

PAIRIN’s teacher, counselor and support staff professional development courses prepare you for integrating SEL into every class and 1:1 coaching conversations.

Bringing the Power of SEL to Your Students

PAIRIN provides a reliable solution for high schools to measure and develop the social and emotional skills that are 75% of the reason people succeed in life, school and work. By helping students understand their strengths, identifying skills gaps that might hinder their success and providing integrated and personalized learning curriculum to bridge those gaps, The PAIRIN Readiness Management System™ equips schools with everything needed to teach or integrate social and emotional learning (SEL) into any subject.

Curriculum Overview

Using PAIRIN’s 10-15 minute online survey, each student’s strengths and potential areas for development are immediately available, allowing educators the insights to improve classroom behavior, reduce reteaching time and help students prepare for the future.

With a total of 54 classroom modules, 300 online micro-lessons and more than 400 combined exercises, handouts and rubrics, PAIRIN provides educators with the tools and teaching strategies to get started immediately implementing SEL with their students.

PAIRIN offers multiple options for high schools to integrate our SEL curriculum, based on their preferred model.

Online Curriculum

Lessons are delivered in an online, personalized learning format where each student completes lessons at their own pace and tailored to their specific strengths or needs.

In-Person Standalone Curriculum

Skill Modules are taught independently during a non-content area class, such as an advisory period.

In-Person Integrated Curriculum

Skill Lessons are taught in content area classrooms, integrated into the subject area using PAIRIN’s integration framework.

Proven Metrics for Critical Learning Objectives and Career Matching

PAIRIN provides an array of proven profiles that quickly identify students that need extra support from teachers, parents, counselors, etc. Some examples of available data include:

  • Career Launch: Measures individuals on the common skills needed to take the first step in a career or job. This target measures the specific behaviors (soft skills) and mindsets that are important for 82% of all jobs in the U.S. workforce.
  • Imperatives: Provides insights into the foundational soft skills that are the most common inhibitors to developing higher order skills like critical thinking and problem solving. Developing these skills first reduces behavioral issues and allows students to take rapid strides forward in both academic and social-emotional development.

Integrating SEL for Real-World Student Achievement

We provide schools with custom pricing based on the number of students you serve and your school’s specific needs and goals.