“We know exactly which applicants are going to act like our top performers. All of our locations have amazing teams now because of PAIRIN, and we know they're going to stick around.”

Brandon Knudsen - Co-founder and President, Ziggi's Coffee

Proven results for franchise businesses

Decreased Applicant Evaluation Time Up to 90%

Increase Employee Retention Up to 59%

Save Up to 5X Employee’s Pay by Avoiding Re-training New Staff

Find the Right People for Your Franchise Up to 4x Faster

Building on science backed by 60 years of research, PAIRIN measures over 100 soft skills and mindsets in 7 minutes


Hiring Based on Top Performers

Use PAIRIN to rank the applicants that best fit your franchise business.


More Insightful Interviews

Ask the right questions to understand how an applicant will act at work.


Opportunities for Growth

Hire team members with full transparency into the skills they need to develop.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Not only can we easily prioritize which candidates to pursue first, our interviews are more insightful and produce more predictable results.”

Jodi Messa
True Value Franchisee

“With PAIRIN, we can actually know an applicant before we hire them, and understand exactly where they need development to perform at their best.”

Lauren Elmore
Firmatek, President

After just a year with PAIRIN, we’ve reduced employee turnover and improved team performance.”

Roy Dockery
Swisslog Vice President

Save Time in Your Hiring Process

The PAIRIN Hiring tool prioritizes applicants based on how close their soft skills are to your top performers and to the skills needed for specific job roles and franchise culture, so you can quickly and easily see the best applicant matches. Providing focused interview questions based on each individual’s behaviors, PAIRIN Hiring gives managers the tools they need to be interviewing masters by concentrating their time on the areas of most importance for each applicant.

Find and Keep Great People at Your Franchise