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Preparing Students for Life Long Success

PAIRIN personalizes the development of the essential soft skills and mindsets required for success in college, career and life.


Knowing only 11% of employers think new graduates are well prepared for work, we are facing a college and career readiness gap that cannot be improved by simply focusing on teaching strategies for math and reading scores alone.

Without a reliable solution to measure or develop the soft skills, also known as social and emotional skills, that are 75% of the reason people succeed or fail, educators and counselors are not equipped with the tools and teaching strategies they need to ensure student success. PAIRIN solves this challenge by helping students understand their strengths, identifying skills gaps that might hinder their success and providing both whole group and personalized learning curriculum to bridge those gaps.


The PAIRIN Readiness Management System™ provides soft skills measurement and development resources which can be integrated into any curriculum. We equip educators with the tools and teaching strategies to help students develop the essential college and career readiness skills they need.

By working with students and career seekers, as well as the businesses doing the hiring, you can be assured the career and job performance data we provide educators is rooted in real-world experience, not theory.

Real-World Solutions for College and Career Readiness

 The PAIRIN Promise:

PAIRIN meets or exceeds all current EEOC, FERPA and government student privacy recommendations, and will never market to students under 18 or share their personally identifiable information (PII) with third parties.