Developing Skills for the Future

With 300 online micro-lessons, 54 soft skills classroom modules, more than 400 combined exercises, handouts and rubrics, all tailored for students or adults PAIRIN’s curriculum offers the most comprehensive, personalized soft skills development program in existence.

Using the results from The PAIRIN Survey, individuals receive personalized curriculum based on their career goals and skill gaps based on individual or group goals.

Online Curriculum

Skill lessons are delivered in an online, personalized learning format where each individual completes lessons tailored to their specific skill gaps at their own pace.

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In-Person Curriculum

Skill lessons are taught to groups live and in-person by an individual who is trained by PAIRIN. 

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Custom Soft Skills Development Based on Identified Skill Gaps

Online Curriculum

Personalized Development Toward Career Goals

Soft skills are changeable, enabling individuals to learn and grow in desired areas.

PAIRIN’s curriculum offers personalized learning based on identified skill gaps for focusing development on the areas of each person’s greatest need.

After taking The PAIRIN Survey, you’ll be provided with recommendations for soft skills curriculum and a direct link to the online skill lessons that are most pertinent to your individual growth goals. You can instantly access the courses and start developing your skills immediately!

Targeted to individual growth goals

Measure growth 

Individuals complete online modules at their own pace

Competency-based, personalized learning

Instant access available on all platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop)

Bringing Social-Emotional Learning to the Classroom

In-Person Curriculum

Teaching Skills for the Future

PAIRIN’s in-person curriculum includes 54 soft skills classroom lessons tailored for students or adults. PAIRIN’s in-person curriculum can be targeted to focus on the most important areas of soft skill development based on the skill gaps identified in The PAIRIN Survey. PAIRIN’s curriculum is designed using competency-based education principles and focuses on changeable soft skills, enabling individuals to learn and grow in desired areas. In addition, the PAIRIN system can track growth over time to prove the impact of the curriculum.

The PAIRIN system aggregates class or group data to provide guidance on the most critical areas to focus on for soft skills development. From there, PAIRIN provides training via a train-the-trainer model to equip teachers and program leaders with the background and confidence to deliver the curriculum for maximum impact.


Skill lessons are taught in isolation, not in the context of a subject area, such as during an advisory period.


Skill lessons are taught in subject area classrooms, integrated into the subject area using PAIRIN’s integration framework.

"It is widely recognized that people need more than academic knowledge to be successful in life, especially in our diverse, ever-changing global landscape. Soft skills like grit, empathy, critical thinking, problem solving and self-confidence are essential to success."
- Tara Laughlin, Ed. D.
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