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PAIRIN makes the hiring process faster, easier and more predictable by allowing companies to hire based on their top performers by identifying the soft skills and mindsets that are most important for a specific job role and organization’s culture.


applicant evaluation time by up to 86%


professional development


employee retention by up to 67%


shorter, more insightful interviews

Hire Faster and Smarter

The PAIRIN Hiring tool prioritizes applicants based on how close their soft skills are to your top performers and to the skills needed for specific job roles and organization culture, so you can quickly and easily see the best applicant matches. Providing focused interview questions based on each individual’s behaviors, PAIRIN Hiring gives hiring managers the tools they need to be interviewing masters by concentrating their time on the areas of most importance for each applicant. You can also view individual coaching tips based on each person’s skill gaps to help develop a customized professional development plan.

The Ultimate Coaching Tool

Dive deeper into the professional development of your employees with access to tailored coaching support tools and the ability to track your employees’ growth over time. You can also take advantage of additional program features such as downloadable reports and more options for comparing and viewing employees.

Skill Development: Online Curriculum

Access PAIRIN’s online curriculum to help develop your team in their individually defined areas of need to advance their professional development. These soft skills training courses are available across 54 skills and are divided into 300 micro-lessons for on-demand access.

I tell people....

to use PAIRIN because it works! PAIRIN provides a great depiction of people and reflects their behavior accurately. Having that level of insight allows me to create action plans to improve employee performance.

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